Space and Beyond – On location; Iceroads in Swedish archipelago.

I have been fascinated by space and Extra-Terrestrials, space movies and space warriors. I did not play with Barbie nor did I draw the traditional paper dolls. I made paper doll space girls with space outfits.. Maybe because I simply want to believe… I did have a lot of imagination as a child… and I still do.

Maybe I am not alone, because while science is still trying to understand things like how universe was created and how black holes and black materia works I am convinced that we are not alone in this Universe.

Outside of Kiruna in northern Sweden we have a rocket range and research centre called Esrange Space Center. It is located about 200 km north of the arctic circle at lat. 67° 53’N, long 21° 04’E. Esrange Space Center was built by ESRO and inaugurated in 1966. At their website you can read “Excellent facilities in an advantageous location”. We live in a region with advantageous location… Ok, I know they meant for the space business, but I believe that we have an advantageous location for photography as well.

Therefore I wanted to share these photographs. We were inspired and got a whole team together for this photo shoot. This is to all the space girls out there!

Location: the iceroads, Luleå archipelago.


Photographer & Location Fredrik Broman, Humanspectra

Trendspotting, Styling & Styling idea arctic trend

Design bodysuit Manjak

Design Wrist and Leg Warmer Lapland Wild Design

Makeup Make Up Store

Model: Sandra Sundelin.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

For photo & price inquiries or to book a photo shoot in “advantageous” northern locations contact

Enjoy! /a

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