Keep warm with these ECO luxury darlings from Duohtavuohta

Keep warm this winter with these mittens from one of our favorite fashion brand Duohtavuohta. The Mittens are naturally handmade in Lapland from silky soft reindeer leather. These mittens comes in eight different color options and has a wild raccoon band on wrist.

Duohtavuohta is a small clothing company located in Finnish Lapland. The name of the company comes from the old sàmi language meaning truth. Duohtavuohta employ mostly local people and try to encourage them to continue artisan culture in Lapland. Inspiration for design comes from the Sámi culture.

Images: Duohtavuohta

Would love to wear one of these coats right now. Last couple of days the temperature has been rather chilly. Finally we are getting real winter!

Enjoy! /a

4 thoughts on “Keep warm with these ECO luxury darlings from Duohtavuohta

  1. These are gorgeous, & look so cosy! I love the inspiration behind Duohtavuohta clothing company – employing mostly locals to keep the culture of Finnish Lapland alive! I’ve always believed that it’s vitally important for all of us, wherever we are in the world, to preserve our cultures & share them with others! 🙂

    Stay stylish, xoxo

    • Happy to share this with you. When preserving different cultures we get a full spectra of interesting fashion looks. Fantastic is when we can easily share them across the globe. Enjoy! a

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