Material update: Pure Village I IMM Cologne

Interior Crafts is excited about their appearance at the Pure Village. (IMM Cologne) The new outdoor “Cabaret” as is indoor “Rapunzel”  is a mix between knitwear and wickerwork. I Love this chair ❤


Finite Elements’ launch of its Mirror 62 sound mirror is certain to be a highlight during the week-long trade fair. The topic of “sound integration” runs right through the product range of this company, for example its sound shelf “Solo 51” system.


Short Facts Mirror 62:

  • Wall mirror with stereo system integrated inside
  • Minimalist design, optimised for flat-surface wall mounting
  • Excellent, voluminous sound quality
  • Audio from iPods®, iPhones® and other devices via Bluetooth
  • Output power: 4 x 25 W
  • 3 different sizes (80 x 70 cm, 120 x 70 cm and 160 x 70 cm)
  • Available in black, white and silver or without frame

Enjoy! /a

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