Design update: YO ZEN – swan inspired architects creates jewelry

YO ZEN is a new design studio founded by two Finnish architects.At the moment YO ZEN is designing jewelry and they are publishing their first line “Origami” on February 10th 2012.


In the summer of 2011, Kate Hulkkonen and Paula Kouri, two architects and best friends decided to stop talking about designing something fun and different and just go for it! The work YO ZEN does is playful and bold. YO ZEN design philosophy is that designed products can be hip, cool and current but they must be so carefully thought out that the design lasts for a long time.
Phonetically YO ZEN sounds like the Finnish word for swan, joutsen. Whooper swan is the
national bird of Finland and has acted as an inspiration for the whole concept. In the
winter of 2011, two injured swans were left behind and didn’t migrate to the south for the
winter. Paula and Kate fed the swans, Jens and Tilda, as they were named, for the whole cold winter. At the end, the swans survived despite the freezing temperatures of -30°C. The survival story inspired Kate and Paula and they wanted to name their brand after the swans.




Looking forward to see more of YO ZEN.

XOXO Enjoy! /a


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