Interior: Happy, scratch and earth inspirations for 2012

Happy: Happy prints, happy colours and happy kitchens. I am sure you have not missed the current Happy trend. Yesterday, I was at Happy Homes where I was invited to have a brief interior trend speech. Right now there are lots of opportunities for creativity when revamping your homes.

I like the kitchen design by architect Jean-Jacques Marvielle.

Image Via: Journal de la

Bathroom: For baths there are great dark colours and a fantastic range of mosaic, precious stones, natural stones, concrete, gold and wood. Actually it is the opposite from kitchen trends.

There are amazing ranges of wallpapers with birds, animals, flowers and antique inspiration. I do love large scales patterns for both walls and textiles, especially illustrations. Oversized patterns do combine great with small patterns, as long as you keep a common colour. maximizing colours and patterns can be a hit, both for your mood and your eyes. Jotum has written some short facts about colour psychology on their website. Understanding colour psychology might explain why yellow is such an important colour this decade.

Stylemix 2012: There is not one style but many that mixes together. I like the antique + modern mix.

Surfaces: Worn, scratched,matte surfaces + new, shiny and colourful surfaces. The opposites do attract this year! pastels works well with light wood, iron and concrete. Scratch, rust and handmade + gold, metallic, precious antiques and luxury details.

Matte v/s shiny: Love this! Brushed steel together with shiny steel, matte colour in contrast to shiny colour like the Lady Pure colour in contrast to Lady Supreme finish used here. IssueMars2012

Personal style is in focus.I would definitely want to visit the antique fair that opens tomorrow in Stockholm. Elle Interiör has a preview here.

ECO design has finally been introduced in “high society”; the Icarus collection by Trubridge at the Centre Pompidou.

Whats Next? Lots of new surprises are around the corner. Keyword is “Dare to refuse white when you plan your next revamp”.

Enjoy! /a

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