Interior inspiration in Norrbottens Annonsblad

My article ‘Glossy glamour’ published in Norrbottens Annonsblad. You can read it in Swedish only, but I visited Christin Bergh, owner and founder of Hjerter Dame in Harstad.

Outside it is a beautiful day here in the north and I am having my cup of coffee while reading the article online. I have to say there are a lot of things going on up here(northern Sweden, northern Norway and northern Finland). And I am spot in the middle of it. Yesterday I was planning a road trip together with a talented team that are doing some amazing work. I will let you guys now as soon it is confirmed.

Sun is shining outside and I am going to let the hens out for their daily strolls in the garden. This summer the Brahmas are going to be introduced to new chickens, Kochin. Hopefully some hens since our own chickens turned out to be roosters.

Have a beautiful day! Enjoy! /a

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