Handmade hanger NIITTO by designer Johan Kauppi

I love the handmade changer design by Johan Kauppi, handmade ín Liviöjärvi, northern Sweden by furniture maker Ove Lundholm. So delicate and so practical. I would love to have this one in my bedroom instead of  my overcrowded chair.

‘With this hanger, I have tried to express the wonderful pragmatism prevailing in the Swedish Torne Valley, at the top of Sweden. This kind of practical designs are still common on the countryside and in our fathers’ creations. The shape is a kind of tribute to the functional tradition we all grew up in there. NIITTO means newly mown hay in Meänkieli, the local Finnish language spoken in the area. NIITTO can be placed, combined or repeated in number just as creative as you choose.’  – Johan Kauppi, Designer

Size: H 2100 mm  x WW 900 mm

Material: Scandinavian birtch & steel screws
Colour: Black, white, natural (birch)
Production: Handmade by furniture maker Ove Lundholm in Liviöjärvi in the north of Sweden.
Love it! Enjoy! /a

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