DESIGNER UPDATE: OVO bathroom collection and OVO Sauna design by Johan Kauppi

This weekend Johan Kauppi is presenting his OVO bathroom and Sauna collection in Kokkola (Kukkola). Today he is visiting arctic trend. Here are some of his personal words describing his design concept.

OVO Bathroom Collection and OVO Sauna

OVO – Designer words by Johan Kauppi

I´m standing in the shadow of the birch looking down at the palm of my hand, I´m six years old and I have just discovered a thin fragile piece of one of nature’s most remarkable shapes, the eggshell. From that point and beyond I started collecting and admire them and their captivating forms; green shells, shells with colored dots, small and large ones. Growing up in north Sweden close to nature, exploring it intimately and discovering nuances in seasons and transience, has founded my relation to life and to the creative process. The very harsh nature has formed me into a designer that always tries to bring out an authentic asceticism. So simple and yet so severe,  nature is a very genuine source of inspiration.

The bathroom collection OVO, and the OVO Sauna brings the very strong and yet so fragile egg shape to mind, one of nature’s most supreme, complete and powerful forms. The shape and the different sizes of the units in the family allows a playful approach and a possibility to arrange the concept in a harmonized anarchy. Playful and pure with thousands of combinations, just like the variations in nature. The flowing inner forms challenging the straight outer supporting shapes, characterizes the expression. The same functional formula applies to all units of the concept. Common for all parts is that the technical elements are positioned at the narrowest part of the form. This leaves plenty of room for the main function of each unit, to be freely offered to the user of the wash basin, bath, shower or sauna.

I wish that the OVO collection and the OVO sauna will be something practical and creative for various contexts for a long time, designed in a form that makes people want to collect and arrange them in the same way as I did with my first eggshells.

OVO SAUNA – descriptions

The Finnish sauna is a ritual. A process in three parts between the cool relaxation room, the hot sauna bath and the washing ceremony. OVO´s unique design is based on the experience of the traditional sauna ritual in north of Scandinavia with inspiration of one of nature’s most complete forms; the egg. The design expresses the essence of sauna baths with its beautiful and natural shape. A sauna should be soft and sensual and is primarily a contemplative place for relaxation.

The exterior and interior of the sauna room, creates new opportunities for the sauna to become an independent central piece of furniture for a total rethinking of the interior and the concept of a sauna bath in the spa context. Also based on the ritual, we have given OVO two doors in opposite directions, where one leads to relaxation and the other to the showers. Aside from the sauna’s glass doors, it lacks windows, in order to create a room with strong integrity and sense of form.

OVO´s unique design is based on the experience of the traditional sauna ritual in north of Scandinavia. A sauna should be soft and sensual and is primarily a contemplative place for relaxation, so the exterior and interior design of the OVO sauna, creates new opportunities for the sauna to become an independent central piece of the interior. That makes our sauna become not just another functional box to be standing in a corner. Instead it is a central piece of furniture that becomes the core and starting point for new interiors and spatial experiences. OVO is designed for being able to combine creatively in two or more entities.

OVO SAUNA – Technique and materials

OVO is delivered exclusively in aspen. Aspen is a beautiful wood, ideal for hot environments and soft contact with the body. On the inside, aspen always untreated. On the outside, the sauna is available in natural color with gentle white stain or only in black stain.

The doors are carried out in smoke-colored laminated glass. Details and other fittings are carried out in stainless steel.

Lighting is located under the benches and a couple of spotlights in the ceiling. On the outside sauna prepared for a light strip under the edge of the lower side.

The Sauna´s ventilation is planned according to the Finnish way. Supply air is taken near the floor and the heat source. Leaving air is placed on the opposite side as high up as possible.

OVO Sauna by Johan Kauppi

OVO Sauna

OVO Sauna Inside view

OVO Sauna in a room

Inside view: OVO Sauna seating

To order OVO Sauna, bathroom collection and more information contact We think

Enjoy! a

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