Design by Swedish Lapland

Today was the opening of Design by Swedish Lapland in Lulea at Aurorum Science Park. One of my designs is part of the exhibit and I am very excited. As one of the designers of Designpoolen, I am very proud to be part of this exhibit made possible by Designarena Nord and Centek. The exhibit started in Pajala September 26 2012.

and Jan Forsmark.

I was asked today why we need new products. This made me ask myself why I love working with design, I came up with a simple answer. Design makes products better, solves problems. Design is more than just another pretty package or form. Design, I think, is more like solving a social issue. Design is part of the whole picture, it is not just fixing the product at the final stage. Design needs to be fully integrated. What do you think?

I think that design will be part of a bigger picture, hopefully very soon.

Enjoy! /a



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