Arctic News – Midwinter glow, the beauty of life and folklore

Photo: Fredrik Broman Syndabocken, ironsculpture by Fredrik Thelin

Photo: Fredrik Broman Syndabocken, ironsculpture by Fredrik Thelin

Midvinterglöd – Midwinter Glow in Jättendal, Sweden.


Photo: Fredrik Broman,


Behind the scenes: Photographer Fredrik Broman and Petra Shara Stoor

Just back from a midwinter weekend in Jättendal at the event Midvinterglöd. I´m inspired and more in love with trends than ever before. The road trip team was my dear and talented friends; the international photographer Fredrik Broman,, his wife, journalist student and sign language interpreter Anna Lidé and anchorwoman, TV producer and media specialist Jenny Sjunnesson, Sjuson media AB.

Photo: Fredrik Broman, from left annkathrin lundqvist, Santa Claus, Anna Lidé, Jenny Sjunnesson.

Photo: Fredrik Broman, -from left Annkathrin Lundqvist, Santa Claus, Anna Lidé, Jenny Sjunnesson.


Photo: Fredrik Broman, Petra Shara Stoor

It is a feeling – a touch of something we have lost. The folkloric traditions mixed into modern times, where we can focus on genuine meetings, true expressions and talent. Stories told from the past with magical performances beyond the ordinary during the darkest day of the year. I have one word to describe this event, Magic !

In fact, the art pieces became an integral part of the place of their conception. Natural phenomenon such as the winter storm felt like part of the magic experience. A sustainable artistic practice where the nature and objects are in focus, mixed with modern materials and folkloric traditions. This is the future of today !

As a result, as tradition changes constantly, a truly non tradition has become a new tradition. Sometimes we forget what is given by nature itself, true magic.

Photo: Fredrik Broman, Lucia at Midvinterglow crown by Fredrik Thelin Costume by Petra Shara Stoor.

Photo: Fredrik Broman, Lucia at Midvinterglow crown by Fredrik Thelin Costume by Petra Shara Stoor.

Photo: Fredrik Broman, Humanspectra.comLucia and Syndabocken - Scapegoat

Photo: Fredrik Broman,
Lucia and Syndabocken – Scapegoat by Fredrik Thelin

Lena Kriström, Icehotel

Lena Kriström, Icehotel. Icesculpture

Photo: Fredrik Broman,

Photo: Fredrik Broman, Icesculpture by Lena Kriström



Icesculpture by artist Lena Kriström from Icehotel.


Photo: Fredrik Broman, Italian violinist Francesca Crotti Musnicki.

Photo: Fredrik broman,

Photo: Fredrik broman, Folklore researcher Sandra Lantz

Folklore researcher Sandra Lantz told the story behind Lucia.

A handmade book made by Skulls & Bones Skullart by skullartist Petra Shara Stoor

A handmade book made by Skulls & Bones Skullart by skullartist Petra Shara Stoor

Tinker Taylor

Tinker Taylor



Tinker Tailor, Smyckes-Smedjan af Hrafn, Finspång, Petra Modée – Nässelhäxan, Jättendal and Kai Reichwaldt – Artist & Artificer, Umeå were just a few among all exhibitors at Midvinter glow.

Enjoy ! /annkathrin

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