Blue is the colour – harmony, balance and Swedish Lapland 2013

Photo: Annkathrin LundqvistIcebar, ICEHOTEL 2013

Photo: Annkathrin Lundqvist
Detail from the Icebar by ICEHOTEL, Jukkasjärvi 2013

Kiruna Church clocktower

Photo: Annkathrin Lundqvist
Clocktower,Kiruna Church

Photo: Annkathrin LundqvistIcedragon inside one of the suites at Icehotel, 2013

Photo: Annkathrin Lundqvist
Dragon made of ice and snow inside one Suite at Icehotel, 2013

Dusk blue and Monaco blue are two favorite colours for 2013. Inspiration to multiple shades of blue are easy to find during the winter in Swedish Lapland.

Photo: Annkathrin Lundqvist, arctic trendSwedish Lapland

Photo: Annkathrin Lundqvist, arctic trend Swedish Lapland

Photo: Annkathrin Lundqvist, arctic trend

Photo: Annkathrin Lundqvist, arctic trend

Multiple shades of Blue: Ice-tone Blues that range from Cold January days to clean Torne river ice blue.

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Enjoy! /a

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