Reuse and Upcycle

Reuse | To reuse is to use an item again after it has been used. As a designer the challenge is to design with reuse, re-design and up cycle in mind so that the design has a sustainable life cycle. Product design do influence global sustainability since early design decisions have a very significant impact. As a designer I do have a responsibility as well as a creative opportunity while rethinking and reviewing products and services that will shape our global future. Asking why these new products will be necessary or not, and what purpose they will fill will make us even more aware.

I like reuse with the new-life or the up cycle reuse in mind, where the products will be used for a different function than what it was first designed for. Only because I can design one more time. To reuse help save money, energy, resources and time. It´s a great way of giving items a longer life, and a more sustainable life cycle. Before you throw clothes away, think about how they can be reused. For example a pair of old jeans can be a new seat for your home or a new outfit.

image @arctictrend  ©All rights reserved

image @arctic trend These old  jeans will become a new maxi dress. ©All rights reserved

3 pair of old jeans becoming a new dress.

Photographer Ulrica Holm

Photographer Ulrica Holm, ©All rights reserved

Old jeans made these two new seats.

image @arctictrend  ©All rights reserved

image @arctic trend ©All rights reserved

One H&M T-shirt, 100 % Organic cotton became a beach /shopping bag.

Reuse | What can you do?

Use a refillable water bottle

Buy second hand or Swap clothes

Pass it on

Make your own shopping bag. Decline plastic bags.

Use rechargeable batteries.

….the list goes on, you are welcome to fill in your favorites.

Enjoy! /a


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