Words of confidence…



via http://blog.design-seeds.com/


via http://blog.design-seeds.com/


Just some random thoughts about design a Wednesday morning (“day of Mercury, or day of  Odin” ). And a great day for practicing empathy. Often people ask me about a certain piece of clothing, or what I think about next spring fashion or interior trends. Or what is the “must have looks ” for fall? I am honored, because I do love fashion, as well as interior.

Most of the times that is not what I work with on a daily basis, although that would be great. As a designer I usually get hired to solve problems for my clients. Maybe that is not as glamorous, but it is great fun. Especially working with innovators and people with a lot of great new ideas. I love working together in groups with others because I think that design ideas do get more evolved and simply better after a lot of prototyping and trying out different scenarios.

Via designbuddy.com




I do love design thinking. Here is an inspiring talk from Media Lab at MIT by David Kelley and his brother Tom Kelley. David Kelley coined Design Thinking as a method.

“We moved from thinking of ourselves as designers to thinking of ourselves as design thinkers. We have a methodology that enables us to come up with a solution that nobody has before.” — David Kelley Source: Fast Company by Linda Tischler.


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