Free now

You are free now dad. Last months were hard to see you suffer with the cancer.

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.  

– From a headstone in Ireland

It is never easy to tell others about cancer, I decided to let some of my friends now, and my family, that my dad was suffering from cancer. Once your friends and family know, you will find that some give you just what you need and others don’t. I noticed that my priorities changed.

Cancer is the great equalizer. Everyone is affected by it either themselves or through loved ones. – Andrew Lo 

5 thoughts on “Free now

    • Thank you Olov! Sorry to hear that you lost your dad to cancer as well. I miss my dad every day as well. I guess nothing really can fill that empty place after a dear friend and dad.

  1. Sorry for your loss Annkathrin. Cancer touches us all in ways we cannot fathom. With cousins battling cancer, to having other cousins, as well as my mother 24 years ago (she was 52 years old) being taken by the horrible disease, I can’y help but thinking how much I miss them. I’m sure you miss you dad horribly, but know you have comrads in arms whom wish this disease to be beaten and wiped from this planet. Hugs from Alaska 😉

    • Thank You Sonny! Sorry to hear about your losses as well. I do miss him everyday. He was such a great dad and friend. Thanks for your support! Hugs from Swedish Lapland.

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