Gudrun Sjödén |Christmas collection

My friend Anna wrote about Gudrun Sjödén on her blog yesterday. Great post in Swedish for you who understands. After Reading the post I  listened to the interview and looked at Gudrun’s new Christmas Collection.  What was Gudrun thinking? If you want to be inspired by Sápmi and the culture, it’s fine. As a designers we do gather inspiration everywhere. But always do a proper research, because the worst that would happen would be to make a bad copy.

What is worse is really the interview with Gudrun, what a mistake!

It is not OK to use the word lappar and neger. Was it ever OK? (Lappar was a derogatory name to call the sami people the same way that neger also was a derogatory name) It is derogatory because of the way and in what content the Words were used. In the interview Gudrun continues using the word even after being informed that is not a word being used and it is derogatory. She even says that neger is a OK word to use and nothing is wrong using it…. Is she for real?

On the Gudrun Sjödén website she says she has sami background. On the same website they are using the word Sápmi and sami, if Gudrun thinks “lappar” is a better word why is she not using it on her website, when describing her heritage? Maybe a visit to Sápmi would give a better understanding while getting inspiration instead of using Google… The result would probably be different from the current Collection.

I am personally inspired by my Sami heritage and brings it into my Collections and Product design, but I don’t do knockoffs. The Christmas Collection by Gudrun Sjödén do feel like a bad knockoff.

The radio interview is here. (Swedish only)

More critical voices regarding Gudrun Sjödéns Collection on Oddasat.

Here are some Pictures from Swedish Lapland.

Photographer Fredrik Broman

Photographer Fredrik Broman

Photo Fredrik Broman, Human Spectra

Photo Fredrik Broman, Human Spectra

Photo: Fredrik Broman, Human Spectra

Photo: Fredrik Broman, Human Spectra

All rights reserved.


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