Make Space

Today I attended Make Space at LTU, hosted by Centek. (In Luleå | Swedish Lapland)

Innovation | Inspiration

Innovation | Inspiration

A really inspiring speech by Jonas Michanek, Idélaboratoriet.

Make Space| LTU | Centek

Make Space| LTU | Centek

I love humor so this is a favorite…

Make Space | LTU | Centek | Idélaboratoriet

Make Space | LTU | Centek | Idélaboratoriet

I am really happy that Science Park is ready for 3.0. The big step from the rigid & closed academic style to a more energetic and open innovation platform. Yeah!

Anyhow, it was a great time meeting all, talk and be part of a hands on workshop, hosted by Centek. We didn’t agree in our group, or did we agree, I have no idea, it did not matter. What was interesting was the steps, the teamwork and all the inspiration.

Summary |The space is important, the mental space, knowledge and strategies.

Here is more inspiration on make space this time from

Make Space : Cover Shoot from scott doorley on Vimeo.

… Stay cool. And lets at least agree on make space to all the crazy ideas and creative ones, because you might be surprised.


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