Fang the Kochin rooster has to move.


Yesterday the politicians in the Lulea municipal environmental committee, decided that Fang the rooster or any other rooster is not welcome at Bergnaset, Lulea. He has to move. The decision was based on the previous decision taken by Lulea Municipality Environment Office. This is based upon that the rooster does crows. Because of his crowing he disturbs a neighbour or two according to the Lulea municipal environmental committee. Because of that he has to move from the garden and the neighbourhood. In other areas in Lulea municipal you´re allowed to have a rooster and chickens in your garden, as a matter of fact, there are several other Roosters in the city of Lulea according to Vice Chairman of the Environmental Committeend. And having this eco choice is not based upon a general decision but based upon who your neighbours are. According to Lulea municipal a rooster is not allowed in the neighbourhood of Bergnaset.

If you Think its Ok with hens, chickens and a rooster living in a city neighbourhood you can sign the petition here.



Here is some facts from ECOcouncil not in Sweden, but…

Keep chickens for eggs

image description
image: ECOcouncil

Keeping chooks provides your household with a daily supply of sensational tasting eggs from a sustainable pet that consumes your kitchen waste and weeds your garden.

Keeping chickens is a great way to turn waste into food, entertain yourself (and your kids), and they increase the nutrients and health of your soil while eating bugs, insects and sometimes mice.




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