Latest interiordesign project


Bedroom design by Annkathrin Lundqvist

I recently did a bedroom design Project for Maud Spencer, Managing Director Svalson AB. She wanted a rustique and romantic feel that would fit her personal style. I decided that we needed to change the floors, and getting heat installed under it, ripping out an old closet to get more space, tearing down walls to make the old and beautiful bricks visible. The wallpaper from Midbec, Marble Midnight would add that extra touch to the room. The ceiling got painted in white with a high gloss.
The antique Bureau was painted white with a decorative pattern in gold.
Floor from Berry Alloc.


Floor: Berry Alloc

Maud was moving her bedroom into another part of the house and needed help. She wanted to get a personal bedroom but was not sure what exactly she wanted. It was important that this new room would be a perfect fit for her style.

The result is something that she would never have choosen herself.
“Perfect! It was exactly what I wanted!” – Maud Spencer


Wallpaper from Midbec ANTHOLOGY 1 Marble Midnight.


Natural old brick was exposed.


Bedroom Design


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