Svärtan, Limited Collection


Photo: IKEA Foto: IKEA


Photo: IKEA Foto: IKEA


Photo: IKEA Foto: IKEA


Photo: IKEA Foto: IKEA


Photo. IKEA Foto: IKEA


Photo: IKEA Foto: IKEA


Photo: IKEA Foto: IKEA


Photo: IKEA Foto: IKEA

Tonight I was invited to see the new Collection Svärtan that is released in stores (in Sweden) tomorrow. Love this Limited Collection which is a design collabortaion with Martin Bergström and fashion design student in India. Inspired by the Indian Urban pulse. Textiles, ceramics, glass, paper, Wood and metal are the materials in this limited Collection. Colours are black, grey and White. And ofcourse I did come home with my favorite things from the Collection tonight and a really nice goodiebag! Thanks IKEA!

Pics from the eve will be posted tomorrow.



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