X-mas is coming


VINTER 2016 champagneglas 29:- Bild: IKEA

Winter is almost here, atleast it feels like it living so close to the arctic circle.  I am lighting candles, placing wool rugs on the floors, lighting the fireplace, preparing for the cold. Here is a sneakpeak from the new christmas collection from IKEA that is being released this october 2016.


Candles to create a warm feeling. Bild: IKEA


VINTER 2016 burk med lock 39:- Bild: IKEA


VINTER 2016 bakform 39:-/set om 10 Bild: IKEA


When you have guests and you need more space… Bild: IKEA


VINTER 2016 champagneglas 29:-/st, VINTER 2016 glas 10:-/st Bild: IKEA

Lets get creative this christmas season and hang out with friends and family.

I do like the dark colours /a

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